Flexi desks

If you just need a desk on a casual or drop-in basis, our flexi desk will be perfect for you. It's a simple way for anyone to join in the business class experience of The Hive and raise your productivity levels.

  • Along with The Hive standard inclusions you can choose to sit:
    • > At your choice of desk, or
    • > In our comfortable Business Lounge, or
    • > At our Espresso Bar, or
    • > In our Creative Lab space
    • > Services are all-inclusive - no need to set up private resources or facilities

Find out more about some of The Hive's other facilities...

Custom designed workspace

Here at The Hive, we’ve taken special care to make sure that every aspect of your environment is optimised to help you deliver your best performance. Our workspaces have been created to combine form and functionality.

  • Panoramic 180 degree window views from your desk
  • Power and data outlets
  • Echopanel dividers between desks. Echopanel is an acoustic substrate used to absorb sound
  • The panels are shaped to facilitate physical and acoustic screening
  • The panels are fully removable for a more open plan, collaborative layout

Creative Lab

Get Creative at The Hive

When it's time to get creative and focus on developing the ideas that will take your business to the next stage, it's great to be able to head for a space that will help you nurture your thinking.

The Hive’s Creative Lab is a place that's been designed with this in mind.

It's equipped with two generously sized Conference Tables, each with four power and two data outlets, so you're ready to work on your next breakthrough innovations.

The Hive Espresso Bar

When it’s time to revive and refresh, it’s great to know that The Hive has the perfect place for you to go. Our Espresso Bar offers many - if not more — of the facilities you’d find in your favourite coffee shop, so you can take time out ready for the rest of your busy day ahead.

  • Barista grade coffee
  • Selection of teas
  • Snacks
  • Hot chocolate
  • Live screening of Foxtel – Sky Business News
  • Cold filtered still and sparkling water
  • Under counter bar fridge to hold cold refreshments for members
  • Full fridge/freezer to hold members' lunches
  • Microwave
  • Large granite bench with under counter LED mood lighting and bench seating
  • Streaming music and/or TV Audio

Our business class lounge

The Hive's business lounge is the ideal complement to our Espresso Bar. It's for those times when you need a little less formality to the working day; when you need to change gears, but keep your focus on the tasks in hand.

The Hive's Business Lounge offers the following facilities...

  • Comfortable acoustic sofa
  • Individual lounge chairs
  • Coffee tables
  • Laptop tables
  • Expansive 180 degree views
  • Streaming music