Alarming when it comes to the nine to five grind, most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work or on the road working.  A very good reason why managers should prioritise employee retention and effective productivity.

Some savvy business managers who have adopted these priorities and a shift in working habits have taken advantage of the flexibility within coworking spaces.

This idea was crafted to transform closed office “fish tank” cubicles, into a free-flowing environment focused on teamwork and collaboration. The walls come down, the interaction comes out, and coworking spaces offer a chance for employees to toil away from any desk location. Workers are offered up the opportunity to interact with different employees daily, moving about their flexible desk locations. Workstations are designed with all that you need to get the job done, without being stuck at the same drab spot, next to the neighbour with the same pessimistic ideals every day.

Productivity is all about getting the most out of what you want to achieve from your day. So, how can employees keep up their productiveness and sense of security in such a free-flowing environment?

The following will prove helpful for any newbies to the coworking space, and in fact, any modern business manager who might be contemplating the switch.

It’s important to embrace the space but offer up alternatives. Coworking in larger spaces can build a sense of community. However, as a business owner, also bear in mind there may be people with a need for total peace and quiet from time to time (punching out a bunch of complex sales figures or forecasting could be one such time).

Recognise and appreciate the work your employees or coworkers need to perform. An astute sales person has to be a lot of things to customers and requires the tools and space to provide support, a friend, a trouble-shooter, a business associate, a host, and sometimes even a book of knowledge. Sales people’s work patterns can change daily and frequently, and it’s important to value their requirements to fill multiple roles.

Offer up an assortment of settings whereby individuals can choose their most favourable arrangement to maximise their own productivity. Incorporate some zones within zones for example. A think tank room designed for short-term use instead of all-day, or an area with fewer coworking desks located close by. These can be broken into three basic settings; unassigned settings in communal areas, assigned desks, and private office spaces.

We have provided the following three basic keys to elevate your levels of staff retention and job satisfaction.

  1. Motivate and evaluate

Establish some well-defined purposes for why your staff do what they do, not just how they need to do it. It’s important to share these ideals with your staff. Creating value into their role will help set a sense of purpose and a real will to work.

  1. Learn to trust your employees

Everyone fails at something from time to time, however failure on a smaller scale can usually be forgiven and will regularly lead to lessons well learnt. Give some trust to your employees and this can be as simple as starting with dedicating some not-so-important chores or responsibilities. Let them own it and bring their dedication and responsibility along for the ride. This will sort the strong from the weak, and the dedicated from the not-so-dedicated in no time.

  1. Set examples to form good habits and reward your staff!

This one is quite simple really. Lead as you’d like to be lead. Be seen to be doing your job properly, as followership is one of the first stages of good leadership. You are a role model, like it or not.

With clever planning and execution of coworking business environments, combined with some basic principles for employee retention, you may well hold onto your valuable assets for longer. Generally, it is much easier and more cost-effective to upskill current staff than having to recruit and train from scratch, not to mention establishing a real sense of pride among your workers.

Embrace the space, offer flexibility, and lead with a passion and purpose. It’s all in a day’s work.

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